If Not Now, When? 
Jews for an Open Dialogue about Israel


We are a group of religiously affiliated and unaffiliated Jews in Victoria, BC, who joined together in July, 2014, during a spasm of violence in and around Gaza, to express our anguish at the death and destruction the conflict was wreaking on Palestinian civilians as well as the fear it was generating among Israeli civilians taking daily refuge in bomb shelters. 

Our general aim, as a group, is to resist the contracting of the Jewish community's space for political dialogue and reasoned discourse which might help us to influence the resolution of this conflict for the better. We cherish pluralism in our community, and we champion democracy in Canada, Israel, and the world. These values are implicit in the central strands of the Jewish tradition we celebrate. Such openness to debate and dialogue is also vital, we believe, to resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians ethically.

We have developed the (draft) statement of principles on our website in response to our distress regarding the ongoing strife between Israelis and Palestinians. We hope you will join us in promoting the statement among Jews and the general public in Canada.
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